Careful Selection of Closet Door Styles Pays Dividends

Careful Selection of Closet Door Styles Pays Dividends

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, there is a myriad of decisions that need to be made to ensure the project runs smoothly and the end result is what you expected. Discussions about costs, building materials, roofing styles and room sizes, number of bathrooms, car accommodation and dozens of other issues will be needed and concessions made to fit everything into the requirements.

Too Many Decisions? Don’t Rush Them

At some stage in your planning, a decision will be required about the type of closet doors that would best suit your situation. In the context of all the other decisions that have preceded this one, it does not seem like a big issue. Our advice, however, is to take the time to think through the choices and find one that fits you.

At Newport Custom Shutters we specialise in the design and manufacture of custom shutters for a wide range of uses, including closet doors. We offer a number of different styles, materials and colours, and one particular style we favour can make a big difference to the overall appearance and functionality of your rooms.

Banish Musty, Mouldy Smells

That style is louvre closet doors and it is particularly popular in the warmer areas of the country, for good reason. In hot climates with high humidity, mould can quickly form and if left unchecked or undetected inside a closed space, it can cause significant damage. Louvre closet doors in these climates are very practical because they allow air flow into the closet space and keep the contents fresh and dry.

Inexpensive Elegance

For homes or apartments where room sizes are modest, louvre closet doors can trick the eye into making a small room appear larger than it actually is. This is a clever way to create the illusion of space when there is no option to extend the room size.

Many of the interior designers who use our range also comment that our louvre closet doors have an elegance about them that influences the other design touches they use. They are always in style, and we are able to supply them in a range of sizes, materials and colours, offering many more possibilities to enhance furniture and décor.

While our louvre closet doors create a very exclusive “look” once they are installed, they are not nearly as expensive and as they appear.

Our Newport Custom Shutters factory manufactures them to customer requirements. All our louvre doors are made to measure and a free quote can be organised through our website.

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