Repair Your Own Shutters – Better Than a Make-over

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Repair Your Own Shutters – Better Than a Make-over

Have you ever considered the impact your window dressings have on the overall appearance of your property? Most home owners look after their lawns and gardens, keeping them neat and tidy. They repair their fences, apply paint to the exterior when needed and do everything they can to make their homes attractive. Often, though, they neglect to look at their windows from the outside, to see what others see.

Fix Small Problems before they Become Big Ones

Sometimes, window dressings such as shutters and blinds also need to be repaired, and if this is overlooked, the best kept dwelling can begin to look a little shabby. Not only does this detract from the welcoming ambiance of the property, but by leaving these minor repairs until they become major ones, they are more difficult and costly to fix.

Shutters are a favourite window dressing for a range of reasons, and regardless of whether they are made from western red cedar, aluminium, hardwood or synthetic materials, they are very resilient, and hold up extremely well against the extremes of our climate.

Do-It-Yourself Repairs Unnecessary with Normal Care

We use all of these materials in the range we manufacture at the Newport Custom Shutters facility in South East Queensland. With our modern manufacturing techniques and the 25-plus years of experience we have at making high quality shutters, there will be little need for do-it-yourself repairs if normal care is exercised.

Accidents Happen

There will always be occasions however, when accidents happen and shutters become damaged. Just ask any parent who has held a teenage party at their home. The most common type of damage occurs when the shutter is struck by an object. Depending on the amount of force used, this can loosen the staples, take a piece out of the blade or damage a tilt-rod.

Spare Parts Available – Just Contact Us

If you are an avid do-it-yourself person with basic skills, make a list of the parts you need to repair your shutter and contact us. We have all spare parts readily available and experienced people ready to discuss your repair and give you some handy tips on getting the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Create a Shutter Repair Project

This is also an excellent opportunity to check out all your shutters and look for any problems that may arise in the near future. There may be staples working loose or other issues beginning to appear. By making this a weekend project, you will have all your shutters back in top condition in no time. This will restore the outward appearance of your home to its original state without spending a fortune on a make-over

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