Comparisons Make Choosing Shutters Easier

Comparisons Make Choosing Shutters Easier

Shutters are an excellent choice for property owners who want an alternative to blinds and curtains to dress their windows. With dozens of colours, styles and materials to choose from, consumers need to first identify where the shutters will be located before making any decisions. While some materials can be used in both exterior and interior locations, there are others that will not stand up to the rigours of our climate.

Environmental Conditions Inform Choice

Scorching summer heat, frosty winter mornings, torrential rain and cyclonic winds, for example, are best handled by western red cedar or aluminium, treated to suit external conditions. Where the window treatments are exclusively indoors, synthetics are suitable but so is western red cedar and hardwood.

We know this because these are the materials we use in manufacturing our shutters, and after 25 years of continually improving our products, we are confident that our range is the best available. However, rather than expect you to take Newport Custom Shutters at our word, we offer some information about the pros and cons of different materials.

Western Red Cedar – Best of the Best

First the pros, and because we love using it, let’s talk about western red cedar. This is a versatile timber and we import ours from the plantation forests of North America. It is durable and responds to the application of different finishes. It has a natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage and its thermal and acoustic qualities are extraordinary.

Because it is light-weight, it is also the best to use when spanning large window openings. Heavier materials eventually sag and leave your shutters looking old and tired. They will also require extra panels to span the space, cluttering the windows and obstructing the view. You can leave them looking natural through a stylish stain, or have them painted, limed or oiled. If there are any cons, we haven’t found them.

Aluminium a Perennial Favourite

Aluminium has been popular for many years for both interior and exterior applications. Customers like its durability and looks, with a choice of blade sizes and powder coat finishes including wood grain. It is very suited to our harsh weather conditions with sun and wind easily shut out, using our adjustable tilt design. The only negative some people report is that they can rattle in high winds.

Synthetics for Wet Areas – Watch Out for Inferior Quality

For wet areas like bathrooms, showers and laundries, composite shutters are superb. As the name suggests, they are a synthetic product, which makes them attractive to people on a budget. Ours are fire retardant, non-toxic and carefully selected by our experts to ensure durability and quality. The down side to synthetics is the different types on the market that are of inferior quality to ours.

If you are still feeling confused, why not leave it to the experts? When you discuss your needs with Newport Custom Shutters you always get the right advice, and the product that best suits your windows and their location.

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