How to Decide on the Final Finishes for Your Shutters and Blinds

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How to Decide on the Final Finishes for Your Shutters and Blinds

Choosing the right window coverings for a home or business is an important task and not one to be rushed, as poor decisions about style and colour will literally be hanging around for years. As if this was not daunting enough, now there are multiple choices in product finishes. With painted, stained, limed, oiled or clear lacquered finishes now available; it is enough to put consumers in a head spin. So what does a consumer need to know to make an informed choice?

Identify the Types Available and their Characteristics

A good place to start is to consider first some of the characteristics of the different finishes. For example, the stain colouring process highlights timber with an indistinct straight grain, so if the grain is a style feature that complements the rest of the room décor, a stained shutter would be the obvious choice. However, if the décor was modern minimalist, a glossy painted finish in polyurethane would be more appropriate.

At Newport Custom Shutters we offer our clients a comprehensive range of modern finishes on our interior and exterior shutters, Venetians, and louvre doors. Our western red cedar shutters are available in both stained and painted finishes to match any colour. Our composite range is a synthetic product line made from material that is flame retardant, non-toxic, has a 20 year warranty and complies with the requirements set down by Australian national medical research authorities.

Limed Finish—an Old Method Still Popular

Still on the subject of stained timber, we also have a limed finish that gives a subtle colour and a softer appearance. Lime washing, as it was called, is an old technique that mixed lime, water and colour pigments to a paste before applying it to timber. Now it is available in liquid form and creates a finish with a deep grain structure that draws the eye to the window coverings.

Oiled Timber is Versatile and Beautiful

Oils correctly applied to a timber surface create a natural, warm glow that is quite stunning when the light from outside hits the shutters. They also do not raise the grain in the timber as much as a water-based equivalent. This makes them ideal for that smooth, elegant look now popular in living and bedroom areas.

Hardwood timber is also suitable for shutters and here at Newport Custom Shutters we use a laminating process when manufacturing shutters in hardwood, to ensure structural stability and many years of wear. Available in painted and stained finishes, our complete polyurethane system creates an ultra-modern, smooth and glossy finish.

Lacquered up to Last a Lifetime

Clear lacquered finishes are generally applied to stained timber surfaces to keep them looking smooth and to make them easy to clean. We match our clear lacquers carefully to the stain type for a co-ordinated finished look that is uncluttered and timeless.

If you are still confused about the type of finish you would like on your shutters or blinds, we will gladly answer your questions and give you the information you need to make this very important decision.

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