Keep Roller Blinds Looking Sensational For Years

Keep Roller Blinds Looking Sensational For Years

Roller blinds were once considered the “poor cousin” of window dressing, usually languishing at the bottom end of the market and used only for windows that were rarely seen by visitors. With the introduction of new designs and materials, roller blinds have gradually gained a bigger following in recent years. Now these perennial favourites can hold their own as a stylish alternative to other types of window dressings.

Are Roller Blinds Hard to Keep Clean?

We are delighted with the resurgence in popularity of roller blinds because we have always believed them to be functional and well suited to specific locations. Newport Custom Shutters make and supply roller blinds, and we consider them to be an essential part of our product line. The one question we are often asked, though, when a customer places an order is, “How do I keep them clean?”

When you look at our website and see the stunning simplicity of line, and the latest fabric colours, you can understand that some customers may be concerned. The blinds are sleek and modern in the minimalist style so popular at the moment, and any marks would be noticed, particularly on the translucent fabrics. However, there is no cause for concern.

Regular Dusting is the Secret

Firstly, dust the blinds regularly to prevent any dust build-up spreading over the entire blind when they are rolled up. A gentle flick with a clean, dry, soft cloth, a duster or a soft brush should remove any dust, provided it has not been allowed to build up. If necessary a damp cloth dipped in warm, soapy water and squeezed almost dry will remove any built-up dust and most marks.

Secondly, remove any stains by using a white eraser. If stronger cleaning products are needed, first do a spot check by test cleaning a small, inconspicuous area and if that produces the desired effect, then continue over the entire surface of the blind.

Treat Them Gently and They Will Look Great for Years

The other aspect of caring for roller blinds that customers often forget is to be careful about how they are rolled up and down. These types of blinds have “stoppers” that prevent them from rolling further upward or downward than they are designed to do. Forcing them past those points could result in damage. When you raise the blinds, always make sure that the bottom rail is not jammed against anything before activating the mechanism.

We are always available to advise our customers on the best way to look after their beautiful new roller blinds. A quick call to our Brisbane or Gold Coast numbers will connect you to one of our helpful staff members. We are so proud of the roller blinds that we make here at Newport Custom Shutters that we want them to be on display in your home for many years to come.


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