How To Keep The Heat Out Using Sustainable Materials

How To Keep The Heat Out Using Sustainable Materials

With 2014 just being confirmed as the hottest year on record, householders are continuing their search for ways to keep their homes comfortable and cool without creating astronomical energy bills. While air-conditioning has its place in reducing internal temperatures on the most extreme of hot days, keeping it running 24/7 for the whole summer is too expensive for most households.

Keep out the Heat with Energy Friendly Alternatives

Home and apartment owners, and some businesses, are now looking for other ways to reduce the amount of heat coming in through windows and doors. The design of modern homes makes them particularly vulnerable to radiated heat as a consequence of the large picture windows and doors that are so popular.

At Newport Custom Shutters we have a range of products that are suitable for this purpose, and the best material, noted for its insulation qualities, is western red cedar. Did you know that a piece of western red cedar 2.5 cm thick is equivalent to a brick? Just imagine the insulation potential, and the most amazing thing is that western red cedar is lightweight as opposed to the weight to be found in most bricks!

Natural Timber a Versatile and Sustainable Product

We enjoy working with this wonderful, natural material. We use only first-grade air dried western red cedar sourced from North America. As well as being light it is also very strong, making it incredibly versatile. The warm, natural tones are beautiful just as they are, but the timber can also be painted or stained in colours to suit modern décor.

Our timber venetian blinds, along with our other products, are manufactured in our purpose-built facility in South East Queensland. This means that our customers get exceptional service and replacement spare parts are readily available. We do not use subcontractors to measure, quote on or install our products in your home or business.

The mechanisms that operate your stylish new western red cedar blinds are a heavy duty design, enabling you to tilt the blades to the desired angle to keep the hot sun out of your premises, while still providing some views to the exterior. Should you wish for absolute privacy, a quick adjustment will close the blades completely, blocking out the heat and the outside world.

On Trend Paint Colours and Stains the Perfect Finish

Our design team here at Newport Custom Shutters keep up with the latest colour trends and they have selected a stunning range of paint and stain finishes that reflect contemporary taste and style. The head box design is also the very latest and the pull cords are available in braided nylon or coloured tapes.

The insulation qualities of western red cedar make this an outstanding choice for all seasons. It is equally successful in winter by reducing the amount of cold air that large glass windows and doors allow into the dwelling. This reduces heating costs, making western red cedar an environmentally responsible choice for all applications.


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