Maintenance and Care of Your New Shutters

Maintenance and Care of Your New Shutters

Whilst we offer guarantees on our workmanship and warrantees on our blinds and their fittings, it is essential that you take good care of them. This is crucial if you wish to have a blind that will continue to look good and work well long after this period has expired.

To help you with your maintenance regime, Newport Custom Shutters have put together some cleaning and maintenance tips.

Indoor Shutters and Blinds

No matter whether you choose from our quality composite, western red cedar, hardwood or synthetic blind materials, they can all be maintained in the same way.

If you dust them regularly they should only require the cleaning services of a damp cloth to keep them looking their best.

If by chance a particular part of the blind becomes more heavily soiled, a soft wet cloth may be used in conjunction with a mild detergent. Do not saturate the blades when cleaning. If this occurs, dry immediately. Do not scrub, scour, or use abrasives to clean the blinds.

All moving fittings should be used on a regular basis to ensure ease of action. Opening your shutters to different angles will also allow the sun to make contact evenly across the surfaces to assist with uniform colouration and drying.

Outside Shutters and Blinds

These may require a little more maintenance and cleaning. Especially if they are fitted in coastal areas that are subject to contact with salty sea air.

Again, a clean with a soft damp cloth is all that may be needed, along with mild soap. Do not scrub, scour, or use abrasives.

Should your shutters be damaged in any way that may incur dents or marks they should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid deterioration.

Again, ensure that any catches and hinges are occasionally used to avoid them freezing into one position.

Fixtures & Fittings

All fixtures and fittings employed in the construction of Newport Custom Shutters are of the highest quality.

Many products in our range may possess tension devices on the blades, which could require adjustment from time to time.

You may elect to maintain and adjust these devices yourself or contact us to carry out this service for you.

Upon installation they may be treated with an element barrier protectant to ensure they remain in good working order.

As time progresses past our warranty period it would be prudent to ensure the continued good working order of these items by repeating this treatment.


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