Modern Design Upgrades Keep Shutters Timeless

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Modern Design Upgrades Keep Shutters Timeless

Shutters continue to be one of the most popular window coverings for both exterior and interior use, for a number of reasons. They have a style appeal that has endured for centuries, they are available in a range of colours and materials, their ability to span large spaces offers uninterrupted views and they are easy to keep clean.

Tilt Rods a Popular Design Addition

The development of tilt rods made it easier to adjust the blades, adding another feature that made shutters even more appealing to consumers. Tilt rods were originally made from timber and attached to the blades in the middle of the shutter panel. This allowed them to be adjusted with one action.

Side mount or concealed tilt rods have since become more popular as they offer a less obstructed view. Their clean lines also suit the minimalist style that is so much a part of modern interior decorating.

Beware Cheap Imitations

Some cheap, imported shutters are made by companies that use glue to fix their tilt rods. While this may work for a while, at some stage the glue breaks down and the unfortunate owners then have quality problems. Our tilt rods are fixed using stainless steel staples, a totally reliable method we developed, originally for the commercial market. They were so successful that we now use them on all shutters we manufacture at our Newport Custom Shutters** **facility in South East Queensland.

Invisible Tilt Rods Now Favoured

While the traditional tilt rod with a central location is still available, most consumers now prefer either an offset location, or a concealed rod. We locate these on the internal side of the shutter, making them all but invisible when the blades are tilted. As our customers have told us, there is no point in having a delightful view to a garden, or even better, a water or mountain vista, if it is dissected by an ugly tilt rod.

No Interruption to View – Easy to Clean

Apart from the obvious appeal of an uninterrupted view, another bonus of side mount or concealed tilt bars is that they make cleaning the shutters much easier. There is nothing like annoying, fiddly attachments to slow down the cleaning process, especially if dust has been allowed to build up on them. With side mount or concealed tilt bars, cleaning is done quickly with a smooth action, and there is much less surface area to accumulate dust.

Choosing between the traditional tilt rod and either the side mount or concealed bars is really just a personal preference. At Newport Custom Shutters** **, the benefits are still obvious and the performance and quality of our shutters are both guaranteed.

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