Reduces Noise, Looks Good, Easy To Work – What’s Not To Love?

Reduces Noise, Looks Good, Easy To Work – What’s Not To Love?

Most householders take pride in their home and its surroundings, spending time and money on improvements to make their home environment welcoming to guests and comfortable for residents. This naturally means making choices about style, quality and price when buying anything new for the home.

A Timber for all Tastes and Finishes

Home decorating trends, thankfully, are not as fickle as personal fashion, so it is reasonable for home owners to assume that if they pay for a quality product, it will last for many years and with normal care, will still look good. A case in point is Western Red Cedar, the material we use in our louvres.

Newport Custom Shutters are manufacturers of blinds, interior and exterior shutters and louvre doors, and although we also use other materials to create our product range, Western Red Cedar is a constant favourite. It has many advantages over other timber products, which cannot match its versatility, durability and aesthetic qualities. It is light, easy to work, easy to finish and is resistant to warping and twisting, especially when used to span large areas.

Span Large Areas without Distracting Mid-Rails

This makes it an excellent material for our needs. As a custom manufacturer, we make our louvres and blinds to measure, and many of our customers have large window and door spaces they need to cover. Other materials require mid-rails for support, which in large areas can produce a cluttered effect. Western Red Cedar allows the space to be filled, but without unnecessary and distracting detail.

These qualities also make it ideal for furnishings, especially outdoors. We supply external louvres to customers to dress up a patio area, and have seen the effect created when the finish on the louvres is carried through to the Red Cedar patio furniture. Durability is not an issue as the timber will give years of service. It is properly finished before it leaves our factory and there is little involved to keep it maintained.

Combines Beauty and Noise Reduction with a Smooth, Quality Finish

For home owners who are struggling to block out road noise without making the interior dark and gloomy, the acoustic qualities of our timber shutters and louvres are the solution. Wood generally has superior sound dampening qualities than other materials and Western Red Cedar is particularly effective in this regard. Combine this advantage with its natural beauty, and you have the perfect window and door treatment.

Some timbers are difficult to work with and susceptible to splitting when being nailed or fastened. The presence of resin can also make them hard to glue, with the end result being a finish that is less than that expected of a high quality product. The Red Cedar louvres you order from Newport Custom Shutters will be smooth, free of imperfections and finely finished because of the wonderful natural qualities of this remarkable timber.


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