Unusual Shaped Windows No Problem – Shutters Made to Suit

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Unusual Shaped Windows No Problem – Shutters Made to Suit

Architecture as an art form has seen the creation of some amazing and beautiful structures throughout human history. The Taj Mahal, early European cathedrals with their ornate exteriors and soaring spires, bridges of all shapes and lengths, the smooth, clean lines of the Sydney Opera House sails; all shapes are represented. The human desire to showcase beauty is even evident in something as functional as windows.

Modern Windows Still Have Decorative Features from Bygone Days

In the past, windows have also been very ornate with Gothic, Arab-style, Romanesque and many other shapes featured in their design. These days, modern window styles tend to be more on the conservative side, although some of them still have some decorative features.

We love a challenge, so when we are asked to supply shutters for windows with arched, sunburst, raked, porthole and other shapes, our team at Newport Customer Shutters get to work. At our factory in South East Queensland we manufacture shutters to order for all window sizes and specialty shapes.

Specialty Shapes Need Shutters to Suit

It is important that we get all measurements correct so the finished product fits the windows perfectly, especially those that are an unusual shape. The purpose of shutters is to control the amount of sunshine entering the room, provide privacy for the occupants and to enhance the overall appearance of the decor. To do this, they must fit with the design of the windows.

Finished Product Must Fit the Windows

It follows then that different shaped windows need to be fitted with the correct shaped shutter panels. Each specialty shaped window must have shutters made that fit its actual shape. If they don’t, the occupants may have difficulty controlling the amount of light and air entering the room, they may have issues with people outside seeing into the interior, and the visual effect would be disappointing to say the least.

Decorative or Operational?

That being said, there may be some window shapes that do not lend themselves to shutters that can be adjusted. These types of speciality shapes are purely decorative and the shutters will fulfil the same purpose, while maintaining a consistent appearance to match the rest. This will not affect the ability of the other shutters covering the remainder of the windows to be manipulated. They will operate as usual.

At Newport Custom Shutters we take great pride in the quality of our work and our manufacturing techniques. Our plantation shutters are available in timber and synthetic material, in a range of colours and finishes that are versatile enough to suit any type of décor. When we engineer custom shutters to cover shaped windows, the fit is precise and the finish is spectacular.

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