Variety is the Spice of Life

Variety is the Spice of Life

We at Newport Custom Shutters spend a lot of time talking about the wonders of our quality interior and exterior custom made shutters.

The truth is we do so much more than just shutters and today we are going to prove it!

It is true that variety is the spice of life and that goes for your window furnishings as well.

Whilst it is hard to go past our western red cedar shutters, there are places where they will just not be suitable.

We are talking about your bedroom or your media room.


This is because in a media room you require absolute darkness to get the most out of it. What is the point in actually having a media room if you have light, shimmery curtains or blinds that have slats that let the light in?

There is nothing more frustrating when watching a great movie on your big screen then seeing the reflection of light on it.

Likewise, in the bedroom you may be a shift worker who will obviously appreciate a dark room during the day. Perhaps you live in a built up area where street lighting means that you never have a dark room to sleep in.

The sleep professionals advise that it is important for your brain function and body recuperation to have several hours of absolute darkness. This usually happens when you are asleep but if unnatural light exists this will never happen.

Blockout Blinds – The New Spice

Blockout blinds are fast becoming an essential for home décor because of the above reasons. They also contribute to the feeling of variety that is essential to us.

A good blockout blind will do just that. It will block out all forms of outside light thus allowing perfect screen time and the ability to trick your body into thinking it is night.

There are other advantages of installing this style of blind.

They offer complete privacy. No seeing outside and no seeing inside. Again, if you live in a busy built up area this is a boon.

The other advantage is that they will actually assist in cooling your room on hot days by blocking the heat that would usually travel through your glass window or door.

So when you come to talk with us about your window décor why not mix it up a little and install these blinds in your bedroom and media room?



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