What is the difference between Synthetic and Western Red Cedar Shutters?


What is the difference between Synthetic and Western Red Cedar Shutters?

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We always want the best possible outcome for all of our customers without the need for compromise on design, finish and practicality of your shutters, so careful consideration needs to be given to what best suits your individual needs and window application. So What is the Difference between Synthetic and Western Red Cedar Shutters?

One of the most crucial deciding factors as to which shutter is right for you, is the size of your windows. Synthetic Louvre blades offer a limited span, up to a maximum panel width of 650mm, due to the weight of the panel and to minimise the possibility of bowing.  Manufacturers also have to include a midrail on any shutter more than 1500mm in height.  If your windows fit within these specifications, then synthetic shutters are an option for you.  Manufacturers now offer a Synthetic Louvre with an aluminum insert to help strengthen the blade, allowing a panel width of 750mm.  Due to the increase in weight, this can create strain on the panel joints and result in the panel bowing and quickly becoming out of alignment or break. This is where our experts will guide you to the best solution for your particular application.

Australian houses typically have larger sized windows and sliding doors than in many other parts of the world.  We also have a vast number of houses with ocean or scenic views and clients want to maximise their outlook.  When we are asked to provide a window solution, we let the window tell us what to do.  If your window has one, two or even four panels of glass, we will endeavor to supply the same number of shutters, providing you with the very best outcome for an unobstructed view.

Newport’s, Australian made, Western Red Cedar shutters are considerably lighter and stronger than all synthetic shutter options on the market today.  We can offer you a greater span width without the support and compromise of a mid rail.  Louvre sizes of 68mm and 90mm wide, can be supplied in panels up to 1150mm wide and 3000mm high.  Our largest louvre of 115mm wide allows us to provide panels 1500mm wide and over 3000mm tall.

There is a great difference in appearance and practicality when comparing a Western Red Cedar shutter to a PVC shutter.  A typical Australian home opening is 2700 wide x 2100 high.  Using Newport’s Western Red Cedar ultra-span shutter, we would supply three shutters and this would require three movements to open and close the Louvre blades.  With a PVC shutter this opening would require six shutters, with mid rails for support and twelve movements to open and close the shutters.

Newport’s wide ultra-span Western Red Cedar Louvre offer sleek, modern and clean lines with unobstructed views.  Whilst the six panel PVC shutter can often create a cluttered, outdated look, not to mention a very obstructed view.

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