Caring for Your Timber Venetian Blinds

Caring for Your Timber Venetian Blinds

They look great that is for sure and without a doubt they offer the best possible protection from the sun and prying eyes. But how on earth do you care for a timber venetian blind?

Newport Custom Shutters have tips to help keep them clean, or if they are really filthy, the best way to bring them back to their shining best.

Dust or Vacuum Regularly

Whether you have installed our western red cedar, hardwood timber or composite venetian blinds they can all benefit from a regular dust or vacuum.

The best way to do this is to close the blinds and give them a wipe down with a static cloth or one that attracts the dust such as microfibre. A gentle vacuum will also do the job very nicely. This will then need to be repeated on the reverse side of the blind. This one simple step will help you keep your blinds looking like new.

Spot Cleaning

If you discover that your blinds have a bit of something splattered on them or you have not been able to get to step 1 of this procedure you may need to resort to a small spot clean.

If you have some cloth gloves this will make the job easier as your fingers are the best to slide along the slats and get into the corners. Your fingers will feel their way around and there is little risk of causing damage this way.

If you do not have gloves, you can try a small microfibre cloth or even a clothes dryer sheet as these both attract the dust and grime.

A spray bottle of water can help but do not saturate.

For Really Dirty Soiled Venetian Blinds

If your blinds were metal it would be an easy job to hang them on the fence outside, preferably in the shade, and give them a gentle wash.

Timber is a little different. It is really important to ensure they do not get too wet, or if they are wet, they must be dried quickly and evenly to ensure no colour variation arises.

Your best bet is to employ the services of a company that cleans your blinds, using ultrasonics. Amazing results by using this technique can be achieved.

We can collect your blinds and return them to you looking like new.

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