Combine Blinds With Cooling And Heating Appliances For Superior Temperature Control

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Combine Blinds With Cooling And Heating Appliances For Superior Temperature Control

Heating and cooling our dwellings and workplaces is a major expense in this age of rising energy costs. Air conditioning and heating appliances are effective but expensive to run, and while ceiling insulation is also effective, it does not protect against heat coming through windows and doors.

Large Windows and Doors Need Superior Insulation Methods

The average Australian house is larger than those in other comparable countries, with bigger windows and glass sliding doors to create the feel of the outdoors that we love so much. While this brings light and views into our homes, it also allows in extremes of heat and cold.

Insulation, combined with heating and cooling appliances, is the method most home owners use to keep their homes comfortable. However, choosing the right type of blinds to dress windows and doors can also have a significant impact on both the control of light and heat. At Newport Custom Shutters we have a range of blinds that will help reduce your energy costs and have your home looking sensational at the same time.

Western Red Cedar a Proven Insulator

Western red cedar is the stand out material in terms of superior thermal qualities. It is lightweight because of the low density of the timber in its early growth stages, which also creates air spaces within the wood. These air spaces make it a perfect thermal insulator, protecting from temperature extremes.

Our western red cedar shutters are manufactured at our Gold Coast factory using plantation timber imported from North America. We have customers in different climate zones in Australia who have found that in either winter frosts, snow and cold or tropical heat, humidity and harsh glaring sun, this material does have, as claimed, an insulating effect superior to brick or concrete.

Modern Roller Blinds Made to Block out Heat and Glare

Roller blinds have come a long way from the cheap plastic models of the past to the sleek and stylish blinds of today. Once not thought of as a product with insulating qualities, the current models are made in fabrics that offer protection from the elements.

Our blinds are available in a heavyweight fabric that blocks out light and heat. These are especially suitable for shift workers in the hotter parts of the country. They prevent light from interrupting sleep during the day while reducing heat, which allows air conditioning units to function more effectively. We also have a fabric that filters out light, reducing heat and glare, but still offering occupants an outlook.

Blinds are an effective insulator and work with other heating and cooling methods to create a comfortable environment with reduced costs.

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