Lift the Appearance of Your House – Paint Those Shabby Shutters

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Lift the Appearance of Your House – Paint Those Shabby Shutters

Exterior shutters are a very popular feature on many Australian homes, providing protection from the harsh weather conditions while, at the same time, enhancing the external appearance of the building. In our climate they need to withstand extreme summer heat, cold winters, violent storms with hail and high winds, and in the north, the fury of cyclones.

At Newport Custom Shutters we use the best quality materials available in the manufacture of our exterior shutters. Our synthetic shutters carry a 10-year guarantee on the finish, but even so, eventually these extreme weather conditions can affect that finish. Because they possess qualities unique to plastic or vinyl, these shutters are ideal candidates for repainting.

Cleaning and Preparation the Secret to a Top Job

Painting plastic or vinyl exterior shutters is not difficult, but it does require care both in choosing the right type of paint, and in the initial preparation and cleaning. They can be painted in position, but it is usually easier to remove them and place them horizontally on a clean surface to both clean and paint.

Careful cleaning is essential for a professional result. Check them first for mould or mildew, which will need to be removed using either a mould cleaner or a solution of one part bleach to four parts water. Eye and skin protection should be worn when working with bleach.

Paint in a Shaded Area

Follow this with a thorough scrubbing with detergent and water to remove any dirt and UV damage that may be present on the surface. Hose with clean water until the shutters are completely clean and allow them to dry. Place them in a shaded area to paint, rather than in direct sunlight.

Don’t Settle for Second Best – Use the Right Type of Paint

Choose a high quality, acrylic latex exterior paint or one that is specifically made for painting plastic. Normal exterior paint will not give the same result. Vinyl particularly has a very high level of expansion and contraction. It expands during the heat of the day and contracts at night when it is cooler. Many normal paints are not designed to cope with this degree of flexibility.

Follow the Instructions!

Always follow the directions when applying the paint. If they specify the use of a primer, then do not skip this step. A latex primer increases adhesion and gives the top coat better coverage. Also, do not paint the shutters in a darker colour than they were originally. It is surprising but this can cause the surface to absorb too much heat which may warp the shutters.

Even repainting your shutters in the same colour will make them look new and fresh, and will also extend their life. We probably shouldn’t tell you that, as you won’t be buying new shutters from Newport Custom Shutters for a long time. But that’s okay–-our happy clients will tell others about our excellent products and service.

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