Regular Cleaning Regime Keeps Shutters Sparkling

Regular Cleaning Regime Keeps Shutters Sparkling

Exterior shutters are a practical and stylish way to control the flow of air and the amount of light that enters through the windows and doors. Available in a range of timbers for those who like the natural look, or aluminium and synthetic materials, there is a style and finish to suit every taste. The only issue some people have with choosing exterior shutters to finish their windows is how to keep them clean and in good condition.

As a manufacturer and supplier of custom-made shutters, we have clients who are delighted with our range of shutters and excited by the quality and variety of the finishes. Their only reservation is the issue of cleaning, but once we explain how easy that is, they are happy to order their shutters from us at Newport Custom Shutters.

Start Cleaning Early to Prevent Dirt Build-up

The best way to care for your newly installed exterior shutters is to start a regular cleaning regime within a week or so of installation. Using a vacuum cleaner with the soft brush attachment, vacuum the shutters on both sides to remove any dust, dirt, pet hair or other pollutants. Any tracks should also be kept clean for smooth opening and closing. There is much less work involved by keeping them looking clean and fresh right from the start, than waiting a few months until they are noticeably dirty.

Long-term Installations Need a Bit More Work

If the exterior shutters have been installed for some time, and badly need cleaning, be aware that different materials need different cleaning methods. Timber shutters should not be cleaned with excessive amounts of water as they could warp. Use a vacuum cleaner first to remove as much of the built-up dirt as possible. Follow this with a wipe-over using a damp cloth dipped in a heavily diluted mix of mild detergent and tepid water. Do not use hot water or any abrasive products.

Watch Dirt Build-up on Aluminium

Aluminium shutters will also come up spotless with a pre-clean vacuuming, followed by a wash with a mild detergent and a towel-dry. Powder-coated aluminium may deteriorate if dust and grime is allowed to build up on the surface. This deposited grime absorbs moisture containing all kinds of atmospheric contaminants, and if left there long enough, can damage the coating.

Because we manufacture our products locally, we can advise customers who buy their shutters from Newport Custom Shutters on the best way to keep them clean. We know the materials that have been used in the production of our exterior shutters, so we are the best source of information for their ongoing care. Just as you would with any new product, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the care of your new exterior shutters.


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