Think About Function First Before Deciding On Shutter Types

Think About Function First Before Deciding On Shutter Types

We are very fortunate as consumers to have so many products to choose from when we decide to decorate our work places and dwellings. The market in home furnishings keeps expanding and manufacturers and retailers are only too willing to help us fill our living spaces with their creations. Windows, for example, are not just functional in keeping the elements at bay, but provide an opportunity for self-expression.

Of course, given the range of window treatments now available, decisions about what type to choose may not come easy. Take shutters for example. Once the homeowner has decided to go with shutters, the next question is what type? Choices include wooden and faux wooden, vinyl, aluminium and composite materials, all in a range of different finishes and colours.

To make the selection a little easier, we always encourage our clients to think about functionality before deciding on colour and finishes. The size of the space the shutters will cover is critical to this decision. This gives them the option to choose the right type of material for the size of the window opening.

Timber Shutters and Large Openings

Windows with large spans can be challenging, especially if the customer wants an open vista unspoiled by a mid-rail or divide rail. At Newport Custom Shutters we custom build for these situations in western red cedar as it will not warp over larger distances, giving the clean lines so desired in modern décor. If large spans are not an issue, we also offer a hardwood product with both types available in a range of painted or stained finishes.

Faux Finish in a Low Cost, Low Maintenance Shutter

For clients who want a low maintenance product with the look of timber, we have available synthetic shutters finished to give them a faux timber look. They require just a quick wipe over every couple of months to keep them clean, and their durability makes them suitable for games rooms and children’s play areas.

Made from non-toxic materials that are flame retardant, and with a 20 year warranty, they will not need replacing for many years. These shutters are a low cost option for those who like the look of luxury but can’t stretch the budget to buy genuine timber.

Vinyl and Other Synthetics

As mentioned earlier, functionality should be the first consideration when choosing the material for your shutters. Vinyl and other synthetic materials are perfect for wet areas such as laundries, showers and bathrooms as they will not warp if they come in regular contact with moisture. The high tensile coating is lead free, and meets all Australian health and environmental standards.

Because Newport Custom Shutters manufacture our own products we can meet the needs of every client. Our staff will help them make the right decisions so their shutters will suit the purpose and look fantastic for many years to come.

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