What Timber Resource Is A Perfect Choice For Elegant Windows?

What Timber Resource Is A Perfect Choice For Elegant Windows?

Today’s consumers are well informed, discerning and increasingly driven by a desire to do what they can to support global sustainability efforts. They have heard the “think globally, act locally” message and understand that the purchasing decisions they make about everything from food to household goods really does make a difference to the health of our planet. When choosing timber products for the home, for example, they look beyond the product to where it is sourced and how it is produced.

Renewable Forest Timbers from Plantation Sources a Responsible Choice

This is great news for us and our range of shutters and louvre doors. Our clients can enjoy the beauty and functionality of their new interior, exterior or plantation shutters or louvre doors without guilt, knowing that they have reduced their carbon footprint. At Newport Custom Shutters we manufacture our timber products from western red cedar sourced from the forest plantations of British Columbia in western Canada.

Not only is western red cedar from this source completely renewable, but it is also one of the most suitable timbers for the style of shutters favoured by our clients. Today’s look in window finishes is smooth and uncluttered, and for large window or door spaces, this can be problematic. Some timbers need supports to prevent bowing, which can spoil the clean lines that are so desired by today’s market. Despite being very light weight, western red cedar’s rigidity and resistance to warping makes it an excellent material for spanning large spaces without the need to interrupt its appearance with ugly supports.

Resists Decay, not Endangered and Perfect for Our Climate

Thuja plicata is the botanical name for western red cedar, which is an evergreen coniferous tree native to western North America. It is the provincial tree of British Columbia, and in terms of its conservation status, it falls into the category of “least concern”. Its soft timber is easy to work on, and it has a high natural resistance to decay, making it very suitable for outdoor uses like our exterior plantation shutters.

We manufacture our shutters and louvre doors here in Australia from imported western red cedar and we find it a good base timber for the coating choices we offer our clients. The custom made products available from Newport Custom Shutters are available in painted, stained and oiled finishes to match any existing décor. Despite its light weight, western red cedar has excellent insulation properties, both thermal and acoustic.

Perennial Favourite that will Look Good for Years

While we offer our shutters in other materials, we find that western red cedar is a perennial favourite. Our most discerning clients love its elegance, ease of care and design flexibility. It is the only timber that will span large openings without warping, and still look just as good in ten years as it did when it was first installed.


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