Trying To Find A Quality Shutter Product? Read On!

Trying To Find A Quality Shutter Product? Read On!

At first glance, there may not appear to be much difference between the various interior shutters on the market. The glossy brochures drop through our letterboxes from various retail outlets, and all that seems to be different are the prices. Buying on price, however, would be a very short-sighted approach, and could end up costing much more in the long run.

Inferior quality does not take long to show itself once the product has been installed. Blades can seize up and become difficult to open. The finish may quickly deteriorate and show up every mark. Imprecise fittings can allow fingers of unwanted sunlight to slip through. These are just a few of the issues that can surface months later.

Control over Manufacturing Equals Quality

At Newport Custom Shutters we stand by the quality of our interior shutters with the confidence that comes with having control over the entire process. Because we manufacture our shutters, we build quality into every step. Right from the initial design, through the manufacturing process to installation, our people produce a full range of interior shutters to the highest quality standards.

So how does the average consumer tell the difference between a product like ours and one that looks good in marketing brochures? Testimonials are a great place to start, and with 80% of our business coming from past clients, we have lots of evidence to show that our products and our workmanship are first class.

Quality Raw Materials Make for a Top Product

Next to check is the quality of the materials that go into the final product. No matter how good is the manufacturing process, inferior raw materials will produce a less than desirable outcome. Take our western red cedar shutters, for example. The timber used to make them is first grade air-dried timber sourced from the plantations of North America. Its structural stability allows for much more variety in shutter design and it has excellent climate control and sound proofing properties.

Give the Customer Choices

A wide range of choices in styles, colours and finishes is also the hallmark of a company that seeks to provide an excellent product range. Newport Custom Shutters also offer interior shutters in hardwood and synthetic materials. The hardwood shutters are laminated and available in painted and stained finishes, while the synthetic ones are perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms.

After Sale Service Available

We only select the best quality materials. We also ensure before they are used in any of our products that they have been thoroughly tested and meet all the required standards. This level of care does not end when the interior shutters leave our factory. We keep a full range of spare parts on hand, and also provide information on cleaning and maintaining our products.

Our commitment to quality means that your shutters will look like new for years to come, and provide a return on investment that no inferior product can ever produce.

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