Advances In Technology Bring New Shutter Products To Market

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Advances In Technology Bring New Shutter Products To Market

With the first chill of winter finally being felt around the country, now is an excellent time to start thinking about your window dressings. Having the right coverings on your windows in summer is a key part of keeping your home cool, light and airy to beat the heat. However, in winter, they perform just as important a function in keeping the cold air outside and the interior warm and cosy.

Damaged Shutters Let in Cold Winter Air

If your blinds or shutters are damaged, they may not be providing the level of insulation needed to keep out the cold, increasing the costs of heating, especially in cold areas. This is particularly true of the large picture windows found in most modern homes. They need a blind or shutter that will cover the span without warping, to reduce the possibility of cold air entering the room.

We have a product at Newport Custom Shutters for people who prefer a hardwood shutter to a synthetic product. Our years of experience as manufacturers of quality shutters and blinds give us the confidence to offer this type of shutter to the market.

Strength and Good Looks with Reverse Grain Technology

Hardwood timber with fluted mortise and tenon joints are used in the construction, then laminated, using reverse grain technology to create shutters that not only look clean and sleek, but have the added structural stability this type of technology produces. The process creates more homogeneous strength along the profile length, helping to maintain the integrity of the material during manufacturing and installation.

Better Timber Yield and Less Wastage Protects Environment

Customers concerned about the impact on the environment of using natural timber can also feel good about this technology. The milling technique used results in a better timber yield from each tree, making this an economical and Earth-friendly product.

All Styles and Finishes Available

All other finishing options are available when you choose our hardwood shutters to grace your rooms. If you have windows with shaped features such as sunbursts, portholes or archways, these can be accommodated. Painted and stained finishes in a range of standard colours are available, and our complete polyurethane system offers a contemporary finish that is superior in every way.

Tilt Rods and Blades Easy to Clean

The shutters are strong enough to span wide spaces, giving that clean and uncluttered look customers desire for their windows. Side mount or concealed tilt rods contribute to that look, and are easier to clean, but centre-mounted tilt rods are also available. It really depends on the preference of the individual home owner. Louvre blades are elliptical in shape, and available in three widths.

The structural stability offered by reverse-grain technology will keep your windows protected from the chilly air and winter winds, and when spring arrives, these versatile shutters will be ready and waiting to let in just the amount of warmth and sunshine that you desire.

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