Help! We Love Our Big Windows But Not Damaging Uv Rays


Help! We Love Our Big Windows But Not Damaging Uv Rays

Australians have a love/hate relationship with UV rays. We love the abundance of sunshine that allows us to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle right throughout the year, especially if it involves surfing or swimming. We hate the damage UV rays do to anything that is exposed to them for too long, including our skin.

Our public health officials have been campaigning for 20 or 30 years to alert us to the dangers of sun exposure on unprotected skin during 10am and 2pm. Most of us now use sunscreen and wear wide-brimmed hats when outdoors, and current figures show average rates of melanoma are now decreasing.

UV Rays Not Just a Menace to Humans

UV rays are also bad news for many of our indoor possessions. Leather, for example, when exposed to sunlight, will fade unless it has a protective top coat applied. Fading can only be returned to the original condition by re-dying and colour matching, which is an expensive process.

Curtains, bed covers, rugs and carpets, for instance. are especially susceptible to the effects of UV radiation. UV rays are the single largest contributing factor to fabric damage, causing colours to fade as a reaction takes place between the radiation and the different types of dyes in the various fabrics.

So how do we keep our large windows and doors that are so much a part of our preference for open plan living, and still control the flow of these damaging UV rays into our homes? Newport Custom Shutters has the answer, in our comprehensive range of window treatments.

Beat UV Damage with Elegant Interior Shutters

Our interior shutters are the perfect solution for total control over the amount of light entering the room, for ensuring privacy in appropriate situations and for their stunning visual appeal. Our western red cedar range is lightweight, allowing the shutters to span large areas without ugly mid-rails spoiling the aspect. The tilt rods are almost invisible and allow the user to adjust the blades to filter light, creating a feeling of openness while reducing the amount of UV radiation to protect valuable furnishings.

Control Light and Privacy with Cost Effective Venetians

In some rooms, Venetians are a better option and our Venetian blind range is available in western red cedar, hardwood timber and composite materials. There are four blade widths to choose from and a wide range of colours and finishes. Venetians adjust quickly and easily for light control and privacy, and are a cost effective alternative to shutters.

Resurgence in Popularity of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are making a comeback as new designs, fabrics and operating mechanisms overtake the old, fringed variety we remember from visiting Grandma. They offer clean, sleek lines and they are available in translucent, sunscreen and block out fabrics.

Any of our products will control the amount of UV light you allow into your interior so your furniture and fabrics will keep their original colour for many years to come.

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