Keep Shutters Looking Fabulous with Simple Techniques

Keep Shutters Looking Fabulous with Simple Techniques

Installing shutters in a home or business usually involves a substantial monetary investment, so keeping them looking new and working properly for many years makes perfect sense. We use quality materials at Newport Custom Shutters and the best results are achieved if they are cared for right from the initial installation. There is no secret or special knowledge required to do that, just some common sense cleaning and maintenance methods.

Shutter Cleaning

For interior shutters, we recommend removing any built-up dust with a vacuum cleaner and the soft brush attachment, or alternatively, any other firm but gentle brush cleaner. Brushes with hard bristles should be avoided as they can damage the finish. With the shutters closed, brush across the blades, both front and back. Repeat this action with the blades open. Remaining dust particles can be removed by quickly running a microfibre cloth between each individual blade.

Dusting this way regularly will keep shutters looking great, with only an occasional damp cloth rub-over needed. Sometimes a spot clean may be necessary, but a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent will bring back the original finish. The only other thing to keep in mind is that anything abrasive will scratch the surface and spoil the finish. Always treat your shutters with care and if they get wet from rain through an open window, quickly wipe them dry.

Exterior shutters also respond well to regular cleaning. If they have been neglected, a hose down with mild detergent and a long-handled brush should remove the built-up dirt and grime. Once this is done, a quick brush-over with a microfibre cloth as part of a regular cleaning routine will keep them looking fabulous and protect the surface finish.

Shutter Maintenance

In any window dressing product there are usually moving fittings that make shutters or blinds easy to adjust. Our shutters have a tilt-rod mechanism to adjust the blades, and tracks that allow them to be opened or closed as required. As with any type of moving mechanism, these need to be used regularly so they glide easily with a smooth action.

The major enemy of these moving fittings is dust if they are interior shutters, and for exterior shutters dirt and leaf litter. Keeping the fittings clear of these could be considered part of the cleaning regime, but it is also a major part of maintenance. Neglecting these simple tasks could see the mechanisms jam, and become damaged.

At Newport Custom Shutters we use only the best materials and finishes, and the highest quality mechanisms in our products. Because we manufacture our shutters locally we have control of every aspect of the production processes. That is why we know that if you follow these instructions for the cleaning and maintenance of your shutters, they will occupy pride of place on your windows for a long time to come.

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