Update Your Window Treatments By Using Colour

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Update Your Window Treatments By Using Colour

Some people have a natural flair for putting together colour combinations that work with other factors to create something eye-catching and appealing. Their talents are valued in all industries, since everything we use in our daily lives involves colour. Whether it be fashion, fabrics, manufacturing, consumer goods, cosmetics, games, accessories, interior design, you name it and someone, somewhere, has used colour to create it.

Blend Colour with Texture for a Total Design Look

When trying your hand at interior design in your own dwellings, you are lucky if you have some of that natural flair. It means that you are able to match paint colours, flooring, furniture, accessories and window dressings so that everything looks fantastic.
We also have people on our team at Newport Custom Shutters who have that flair, and offer only the latest colour shades to our clients. Our range of blinds includes Venetians in a selection of colours, and roller blinds that mix textures, fabrics and colours. Our custom made shutters are also offered in several different finishes that also feature colours other than white.

Many Shades of White

Since we have mentioned white, you may be surprised to know that this colour is produced in many different shades. For example, there are soft whites with a tinge of grey, whites tinted to produce a slightly creamy shade, warm whites to complement other warm tones in the room, and whites barely touched with pinks or lilacs or blues.
On their own they look white, but in the right setting these other shades exert subtle influences. Sometimes the difference is almost imperceptible until it is placed against another shade. This is why our clients never run out of ideas for finishes when they buy our shutters.

“Back to Nature” for Venetians

There is a trend emerging with Venetians that is showing a move away from traditional white toward a “back to nature” effect in keeping with the world-wide concern for the health of our planet. This is not news to us, as we have had an oiled and stained finish available in our Venetian range for some time. The rich, natural timber colours of western red cedar are also perennial favourites that seem to defy trends and fads.

Strong Colours in Roller Blinds could be on the Horizon

Roller blinds are another window treatment that invites home owners to experiment with colour. The big news is the rise of fabrics with interesting textures, which are perfect for roller blinds. Our current fabric range uses a neutral palette but the style gurus tell us that blinds in strong colours are also becoming fashionable overseas, especially in Japan.
Whether that trend becomes popular here remains to be seen, but if it does, Newport Custom Shutters will be offering the latest colours and textures to satisfy our discerning clients.

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